A Small List of Things that Don’t Matter.

As I’m in a bit of a life “rut”, I’ve started realizing that although your life in the now seems routine, monotonous, and a never-ending cycle of getting up, working, and sleeping, only to wake up to the same, believe it or not, your entire life will hardly always look like this. And if it does, well, you, my friend have the power to change it.

Either way, while routine is routine, looking at the bigger picture without a doubt has value. In my personal times of struggle or difficulty, I’ve always sought comfort in the fact that our “now” moments are fleeting, and there are better things in store. Your rough patch is just that: a patch. … More A Small List of Things that Don’t Matter.


On Standardized Testing

When you hear the dreaded letters, your body has an instant physiological response. Racing heart rate. Heavy breathing. Sweat dripping from your forehead. Clammy hands. A shudder going through your body. And the flashbacks. Oh, the flashbacks are the worst. “A” *Violent shudders* “C” *High Pitched Screaming* “T” *Nooooooooo* *Cackling in the background* Yeah; that’s … More On Standardized Testing

5 Underrated Dreamy Destinations

With Summer Holidays nearing, I’ve been thinking a lot about the corners and crannies of the world I haven’t yet laid an eye on. There are quite a few, but with popular, saturated destinations being all I see on my feeds (read: Cabo, Paris, London, New York City, LA, Disneyworld, etc.) , I’ve been reflecting on the destinations that aren’t necessarily on all of our radars. … More 5 Underrated Dreamy Destinations

6 Habits for Better Productivity

*Shocker- Self-improvement exists even after January 1st!* There comes a time when the unproductive, procrastination-enthusiastic side of you is woken up by the better part of you, grabbing you by the shoulders, and shaking you from your state of oblivion. Look; the lazy lifestyle is tempting, but life has so much more to offer for those willing to work for it. And I see the irony here- my blog, after all, is named “Hardly Working”. However, there is a fine line between efficiency and laziness, and me personally? I walk that tightrope like a skilled acrobat. … More 6 Habits for Better Productivity

Mexico: a Land of Culture

This post is a tribute to the ICONIC, ever-popular destination for Spring Break; Mexico. I was not so lucky as to visit it this Spring Break, but I did go over Christmas, and every time I would look back at family pictures, I’d reminisce on the memories I will keep forever. Now, the universe had a fight to pick with me and a couple weeks ago, my iPhone crashed on me and had to be wiped completely. Yup. All my pictures are gone (for the most part) ..but I suppose that’s a story for another day. … More Mexico: a Land of Culture

Why La La Land Still has my Hype (and why it should have yours too)

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead! I can’t seem to discuss a work without addressing major details in the plot, so please, view the film, love the film, and then come back and visit! 🙂  (I, also, dislike despise people who spoil without warning) Okay- so I’m late on the bandwagon. But what’s a few months? About … More Why La La Land Still has my Hype (and why it should have yours too)